High School Football Fundraising Ideas - America's Best High School Football Fundraisers

High School Football Fundraising Ideas

Pound the bleachers and chant for your team! Football is more than just a game and nothing has the power to unite a town like a high school football game does. The players, the parents, the coaches and the faithful fans know this, because they live and die by the team’s record. Some college players even admit that they’d give anything to wear their old high school team shirt once more!

Football is an expensive sport. This is why high school football fundraisers can make or break a team’s ability to run their program successfully. Consider the costs of a high school football team for a moment. At a minimum, a team needs to cover safe helmets, quality protective gear, insurance, traveling costs and registration fees, as well as field maintenance or rental.

Below are the top high school football fundraising ideas - for you, by you.

When it came to high school football, fundraising discount cards was the clear cut favorite. With reports of raising anywhere from $2,000 all the way up to over $30,000, this fundraiser crushed the competition. And, when it comes to high school football, that is what is needed - high profit producing with low time investment.

*Football coaches wanted us to point out that when picking a provider, DO YOUR RESEARCH, make sure the discounts are good and that there are a lot of them. The more discounts, the better. No upfront costs, No minimum order. Nationwide discounts to sell to anyone no matter where they live. Seems obvious, but a lot of fundraising discount cards do not have all of these.

Getting the players to dream up high school football fundraising ideas is a great way to add to the excitement of the game and to remind teams that one person cannot do it alone. High school football fundraisers get everybody thinking of ways to pay for banners and league website spots, or things like transportation, hotel and food for away games.

High school football fundraising ideas are also invaluable where scholarships are needed for kids who cannot afford to play. As coaches, board members, parents and players know, football programs are often about more than just the game – they are also about helping kids.

More football fundraisers to be added. You can also take a look at our youth football fundraising ideas and college football fundraising ideas to get more info on football fundraising.

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